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Light Treason News

Jun 22, 2019

Ep 172: Faith (@bohemianfaith) recs Pose and Bisexual Horizons and Allison talks about Targetgeddon and recs watching Seth Meyers and Rihanna get drunk, E. Jean Carroll's brave testimonial about Trump raping her, the Doctor Sleep trailer, Big Little Lies, Handmaid's Tale (kind of), Outlander (kind of), and Los Espookys, and asks: What's in the suitcase?

No episode next week due to Allison being in L.A.!

In bad news: Eight women accuse Max Landis of sexual abuse, Trump says he stopped airstrike on Iran because 150 people would have died (yay?), admin plans roundup of 2,000 family members in deportation raids and tells ninth circuit that detained kids don't need soap

In good news: Sean Hannity is thirsty, U.S. women's soccer games out-earned men's games, five anchors sue NY1 for age and gender discrimination, highlighter shirt guy is not here for your racist bullshit, and we want to know what you think is in the suitcase: #LightTreasonPod

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