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Light Treason News

Oct 16, 2018

Ep 127: Rachel (@realslimchada) shares coming out stories and Faith (@bohemianfaith) talks about moving apartments, while Allison recs Orange is the New Black and Faith recs Angel

What is the most beloved thing that you hate AND what is your Harry Potter Hogwarts House? Let us know on Twitter! @LightTreasonPod, #LightTreasonPod

In bad news: White woman called police on black child she falsely accused of groping her, Georgia puts 53,000 voter registrations on hold fueling new charges of voter suppression, Supreme Court makes it harder for tribal North Dakotans to vote, Indiana caught illegally purging 20,000 voters, and Florida's online voter-registration system is panned as "a mess"

In good news: 93% of eligible voters in Travis County registered to vote, which is a modern-day record and someone is glueing googly eyes on statues and it's hilarious

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