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Light Treason News

Oct 18, 2018

Ep 129: Erek (@erek_smith) recs The Surrounding Game, Beach House, Candy, Anais Nin and Henry Miller, following @BlairBraverman, and then gives a hot take about video games and Allison shares a quick Quip story

What is the most beloved thing that you hate AND what is your Harry Potter Hogwarts House? Let us know on Twitter! @LightTreasonPod, #LightTreasonPod

In bad news: Trump says he doesn't "like" Jamal Khashoggi disappearance and won't stop Saudi arms sales and Hillary Clinton says Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn't an abuse of power because "she was an adult"

In good news: Trump signs actually good bill to clean up ocean garbage and Republicans are nervous about the Dems out-fundraising them

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