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Light Treason News

Oct 25, 2018

Ep 133: Meredith (@MeredithLClark) discusses the miscalculation of the MTA's haunted subway and recs Halloween UnmaskedOutlander, and anti-recs the latest episode of Dr. Who, while Allison recs the trailer for the Sabrina reboot

What is the most beloved thing that you hate AND what is your Harry Potter Hogwarts House? Let us know on Twitter! @LightTreasonPod, #LightTreasonPod

In bad news: George Soros targeted with explosive device, Lying Ted is now "Beautiful" Ted, Megyn Kelly says blackface "was okay" for Halloween when she was a kid, Saudi operative seen wearing Jamal Khashoggi's clothes after killing, Turkish president Erdogan says Khashoggi's death was a "planned operation" and Jared Kushner  wants justice for all the wrongly incarcerated white billionaires 

In good news: Geraldo Rivera taunts Sean Hannity over migrant fears: "Are you gonna shoot 'em, Sean?", another Republican candidate's family is urging people to vote for the other guy, apple cider, you should vote for Rosie as cutest pet, and Robyn's new album drops soon!

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