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Light Treason News

Nov 2, 2018

Ep 137: Meredith (@MeredithLClark) recs: Final DestinationThe TinglerThe Hunger, Crackpot by John Waters, We Eat Our Own, Carly Rae Jepsen, anti-recs Demon Seed, and looks forward to Suspiria, and Allison anti-recs the new Robyn and recs Gerald's GameOculusSchitt's Creek, and Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamat interviewing each other

What is the most beloved thing that you hate AND what is your Harry Potter Hogwarts House? Let us know on Twitter! @LightTreasonPod, #LightTreasonPod

In bad news: Trump fan and world class dumb-dumb Jacob Wohl comes for Robert Mueller and fails spectacularly, Trump defends military presence on border and drops new racist ad days before midterms, and Twitter removes "like" tool to "improve the quality of debate"

In good news: Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp ditches final debate with Stacey Abrams at the last minute, Kelsey Juliana is the young woman suing the U.S. government for causing the climate change crisis, Captain Sully pens op-ed asking people to vote for leaders who will protect the planet, and the organizers behind the #GoogleWalkout post their demands

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