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Light Treason News

Feb 8, 2019

Ep 153: Chloe (@itsthechew) joins the show to rec Split and The Bachelor, Allison recs Eighth Grade, Grace and Frankie, and The Man In The High Castle, and they contemplate why Adam Levine stripping during the Super Bowl is okay, but Janet Jackson was blacklisted for popping a titty

In bad news: SOTU was a racist propaganda speech, top Nancy Pelosi aide privately tells insurance executives not to worry about Democrats pushing "Medicare For All," WTF is going on Virginia?, Liam Neeson casually drops that he once thought about committing a hate crime, and ICE arrests 21 Savage

In good news: AOC drops Green New Deal outline, power is back on at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn (but there are still problems with inhumane conditions and black mold), and you live on the same planet as Lizzo and Laverne Cox and that's terrific

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