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Light Treason News

Feb 29, 2020

Ep 202: Allison recs Good Time, You Were Never Really Here, Ma, Widows, The Stranger, and Next In Fashion

In bad news: Trump calls coronavirus a "hoax," all coronavirus messaging now needs to be run by Mike "HIV outbreak" Pence, and the HHS secretary isn't sure a coronavirus vaccine will be affordable, Chris Matthews is still employed by MSNBC despite sexual harassment accusations, and SCOTUS says the family of a Mexican teen can't sue a border patrol agent who fatally shot him

In good news: Bad Bunny used his Fallon performance to spotlight the murder of a Puerto Rican trans woman, Harvey Weinstein's guilty verdict may help to end the myth of the perfect victim, and the U.S. announces it will withdraw from Afghanistan after signing a peace deal with the Taliban

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