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Light Treason News

Mar 1, 2019

Ep 156: Meredith @(MeredithLClark) joins the show to rec You Bet Your Life and Allison answers a Patreon question about The Umbrella Academy (it's an anti-rec for Allison!) and recs The Magicians

In bad news: Green Book wins the Oscar for Best Picture, Michael Cohen's testimony was a moment for grandstanding and little else, CPAC tries to rebrand abortion as infanticide, Dianne Feinstein unloads on children worried about climate change, Trump-Kim summit breaks down, and the White House bars four U.S. journalists from Trump's dinner with Kim in Hanoi

In good news: Jay Inslee officially launches historic 2020 bid centered on climate change, New Yorkers push to decriminalize sex work, and Selma Blair speaks out on being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, patient rights, and accessibility in fashion

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