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Light Treason News

Mar 16, 2019

Ep 158: Faith (@bohemianfaith) joins the show to help answer Patreon questions/read recs for: Kim's Convenience, a better ending for Lost, how witches are responding to Trump, and their fav vegan meals, recs Virginia Woolf, and Allison recs Pen15 and shares a beautiful St. Patrick's Day story

In bad news: Terrorist kills 49 Muslims in New Zealand mosque attacks, the bizarre defense of Chelsea Clinton, Boeing 737 Max grounded following Ethiopian crash and the shady ethics of Acting Secretary of Defense and former Boeing employee Patrick Shanahan, the male privilege of Beto O'Rourke, and Kentucky just banned abortion

In good news: Students around the world skip class to demand action on climate, Egg Boy is the hero we need right now, Operation Varsity Blues exposes yet another way rich people rig the system (shout-out to Malcolm), unearthed audio shows Tucker Carlson is even more of a racist and sexist than you thought, Australia bans Milo after comments on mosque attacks, and Lilly Singh becomes the first woman even to host her own show on a major network late night show

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