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Light Treason News

Mar 21, 2020

Ep 204: Sorry about the sound quality on this one! Accidentally recorded on an internal mic. Our bad. Still adjusting to life in quarantine! 😷

Erek (@erek_smith) joins the show via Skype to discuss life in quarantine and to plug his new show Bass'd On A True Story: @bassedpod and to rec Reply All, watching chess, and How To Do Nothing, while Allison reads Patreon recs for Ear Hustle and Everything Is Alive and recs Ugly Delicious S2, The Weeknd's After Hours, Pandemic on Netflix, and The Tiger King

In bad news: Oh God, Corona came for Idris Elba, Joe Biden couldn't stop lying during his debate with Bernie (also, where is Joe??), and all the insider trading during the pandemic

In good news: Tulsi is out, no new cases of Coronavirus reported in Wuhan in 24 hours, and communities are coming together to show mutual support

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