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Light Treason News

Apr 27, 2019

Ep 164: Meredith (@MeredithLClark) joins the show to talk Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj and Allison recs Avengers: End Game (NO SPOILERS), Game of Thrones (SPOILERS), The Magicians finalé (SPOILERS), and I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

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In bad news: Joe Biden is running for president, Trump thinks General Lee was one of the good guys, Lara Trump says that Merkel admitting migrants is "one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany," and that story about a teacher who ran out of sicks days to stay with his cancer-stricken daughter, so his colleagues donated 100 days, should make you very, very angry

In good news: Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging with proposals to cancel student debt and reward hospitals that make childbirth safer for black women, and a tentative deal has been reached between Stop & Shop and striking workers

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