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Light Treason News

May 4, 2019

Ep 165: Allison talks about Burger King's dystopian marketing campaign, answers a Patreon question about seeing movies alone, and discusses Avengers: End Game (NO SPOILERS), Game of Thrones (BIG OL' SPOILERS), and how Arya is not a Mary Sue

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In bad news: Trump repeats lie that doctors "execute" newborns, more mass shootings at University of North Carolina and a synagogue  in California, Attorney General Barr is a no-show at House Judiciary hearing, and a court rules that female athletes with naturally elevated levels of testosterone cannot compete as women

In good news: This has been a big week for throwing food at white nationalists, wages are finally rising — thank you activists, Birdie got adopted!!!, and the current state of the NRA is "they're fucked," according to its own members

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