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Light Treason News

Jul 6, 2019

Ep 173: Allison's Catholic guilt blames her for the L.A. earthquakes and she recs: The Heavens, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Stranger Things season 3, Good Omens, Killing Eve season 2, and Big Little Lies

In bad news: Trump's dumb tank parade, Judge is nice to a teen accused of rape because he came from a "good family," Trump admin said it wouldn't put citizenship question on the census and then Trump blew it up with a tweet, and Alaska shatters all-time heat record

In good news: Charges dropped against woman whose fetus died after she was shot in the stomach, Halle Bailey is our new Little Mermaid, U.S. women's soccer team defeats England, Illinois governor signs exec order to protect trans students, and Lil Nas X comes out

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