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Light Treason News

Sep 13, 2018

Ep 106: Charles (@charlesrockhill) and Chris (@chrisopotamia) rec Netflix's Comedy LineupConspiracies, Oren Lavie, Terry Pratchett, crocheting, and playing video games, and discuss black actors — for the first time ever — sweeping all of the guest actor Emmys and John Legend's EGOT

In bad news: Missouri may soon have just one abortion provider left, CBS will keep Les Moonves on as an unpaid advisor and Moonves' treatment of Janet Jackson and Julie Chen's weird omission of her connection to Moonves (she's married to him) on The Talk

In good news: Plaid Shirt Guy and brave kids everywhere, VOTE TODAY, NYC!: Zephyr Teachout's ultrasound commercial is badass, and Miss Michigan's amazing intro at the Miss America pageant 

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