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Light Treason News

Sep 18, 2018

Ep 109: Erek (@Erek_Smith) joins the show again to rec Bad BloodNatural CausesThe War Of ArtDirty Money, Tinariwen, Shye Ben Tzur, and Allison recs Bojack Horseman

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In bad news: Brett Kavanaugh accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman in high school, media is already attack Botham Jean's character, and FEMA is about to test a "Presidential Alert" system 

In good news: Brett Kavanaugh committee vote delayed one week, white men are the minority of House Democratic nominees for first time ever, some McDonald's workers voted to strike over sexual harassment, New York City to add non-binary gender marker to birth certificates, and Designing Women creator creatively and inspiringly tells Les Moonves to go fuck himself

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