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Light Treason News

Sep 26, 2018

Ep 113: Erek (@erek_smith) recs Hell's Kitchen while Allison anti-recs American Horror Story: Cult and discusses Icarus and season 3 of Serial

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In bad news: New allegation of sexual misconduct from Brett Kavanaugh's college years, classmates that previously expressed support for Kavanaugh have now withdrawn from a statement disputing Ramirez's claims, Kavanaugh's epic self-own isn't proof he's innocent (there is somehow still even more terrible shit in his yearbook), GOP Rep. King says "If that's the new standard, no man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court again," and Senate Judiciary Committee adviser working on Kavanaugh nomination resigns prior to publication of report about a past sexual harassment allegation against him

In good news: Paypal bans Alex Jones, women walk out across the country in support of Kavanaugh's accusers, Ted Cruz runs out of D.C. restaurant from protesters chanting "we believe survivors," and police arrest 128 people Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill

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