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Light Treason News

Jul 14, 2019

Ep 174: Meredith (@MeredithLClark) shares a story about Megan Rapinoe and recs Trapped, while Allison recs Instant Hotel, The Last Czars (kind of), I Love You, Now Die, anti-recs The Handmaid's Tale, and they have a long convo about Midsommar (ALL THE SPOILERS)

In bad news: Mike Pence takes a little fascist vaycay at a border concentration camp, Carla Provost proves women can break the glass ceiling and totally be fascists too, Trump's dumb social media summit  included right-wingers who haven't even been banned from social media, and Scarlett Johansson says she should be able to play an Asian person, or a dog, or whatever

In good news: A massive blackout hit Manhattan and New Yorkers responded in A+++ fashion, U.S. women's soccer champs chant "Equal pay!" during ticker tape parade, and sexual predators go down in flames, from Jeffrey Epstein to R. Kelly

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