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Light Treason News

Jul 21, 2019

Ep 175: Erek (@erek_smith) talks about his new podcast Bass'd On A True Story (@bassedpod) and recs Pup's Morbid Stuff, while Allison plugs her show at UCB Hell's Kitchen tomorrow July 22 at 6 PM and recs: the new trailer for It, Top Of The Lake, The Terror season 1, and the new season of Queer Eye, and anti-recs the Cats trailer.

What's your earliest memory of watching something on TV or in a movie that scared you? #LightTreasonPod

In bad news: Trump is surprised that, when he goes full racist on Twitter, pissed off white people at his rallies also go full racist, House GOP freak out when Pelosi calls Trump's tweers racist, and here's some video of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein acting like the bros they are

In good news: Ilhan Omar gets the greeting she deserves, the judge who was nice to an alleged rapist because he came from a "good family" has resigned, and it's the 50th anniversary of the moon-landing and NASA has big plans to send a woman to the moon next

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