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Light Treason News

Jul 27, 2019

Ep 176: Allison recs the Mr. Rogers trailer, Blown Away, Stormyz's Vossi Bop, Chance The Rapper's The Big Day, and anti-recs Casey Affleck's fantasy about all the bad ladies being gone, The Hateful Eight, Big Little Lies' finale, and Secret Obsession (but like, in a fun way)

In bad news: US-born teen detained for weeks by CBP says he was told "you have no rights," Supreme Court says Trump can use defense funds for border wall, and Robert Mueller's testimony was a whole lotta nothing

In good news: ICE keeps failing at raids in Brooklyn, San Juan's queer scene turned out in a big way for the ousting of Governor Ricardo Rosselló, House Judiciary Committee is investigating possible impeachment of Trump, and the former Republican who doctored that Presidential seal is happy Trump stood in front of it

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