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Light Treason News

Sep 7, 2019

Ep 182: Allison reads a Patreon rec about the Righteous Gemstones and asks: Is Jeremy Renner a social experiment?

In bad news: Trump, the hurricane, and how fascist regimes must sow confusion, Scarlett Johansson doubles down on being terrible, Walmart takes the grand step of asking customers to please conceal their weapons, and while the founder of one of America's largest conversation therapy programs now says he's gay, conversation therapy programs still exist in 2019 and that's fucked up

In good news: Boris Johnson's government has lost its working majority after one of his MPs defected to the Liberal Democrats (his own brother has also resigned in horror at his handling of Brexit), Chanel Miller is a total badass hero, Howard Shultz drops out of the presidential race, and Hong Kong protesters continue to confound police and China with their resistance tactics

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